MFAQ (Most Frequently Asked Questions)

How much do you charge?
A piano tuning appointment costs $100. The appointment includes not only the tuning of the piano, but a full Physical Examination of the piano, as well as a Pitch Raise if needed. There are also some discounts available.
What’s a Pitch Raise?
The tighter the string, the faster it vibrates. Over time, a piano will lose tension on its strings, making the strings vibrate slower. Your piano was designed to have its “A” above “Middle C” vibrate 440 times a second and if the “A” on your piano vibrates at 437 times a second, or less, it would require a Pitch Raise in order to tune it properly.

A Pitch Raise involves tightening the strings across the entire piano. Once the tension is correct, the piano can be tuned. Many tuners will charge extra for this procedure, so if you’re comparing tuner’s fees, please ask about a “pitch raise” or “pitch adjustment”.
How long does it take to tune a piano?
It takes 45 minutes to one hour. However, occasionally on some “tonally challenged” pianos, I might spend an additional 15 minutes or so. I never leave until I am personally satisfied with the tuning, and I will spend the extra time it takes to get it right if necessary.
What if there is a key that isn’t working? How much will it cost to fix that?
Often, keys that don’t work, or are sluggish, can be fixed without any additional cost. (This is especially true on vertical pianos.) If I can fix it in a couple of minutes I’m happy to do it. That’s why you called me: to make your piano sound and play better. If a repair requires more time to implement, no work is done until I talk it over with the owner and we decide the best course of action.
Will you come to my house, or am I too far away?
I cover most of Pinellas County and many parts of Hillsborough. You are always welcome to bring the piano to my home. (Old piano tuner joke.)
How long have you been tuning pianos?
I started tuning pianos in 1980 after studying Piano Technology at the Moody Bible Institute. After graduation, I worked at several piano dealerships including The Beautiful Sound, which was the local Steinway dealer, where I worked in the rebuilding shop for 2 years under Alan Vincent. I’ve also worked at Petrof, Young Chang, Bluthner, and Yamaha dealerships over the course of my career.
What does RPT stand for?
I am a member of the Piano Technicians Guild. (ptg.org) The field of piano technology is essentially an unregulated trade. The PTG has set standards of quality for piano technicians, and those who have passed the PTG’s battery of exams attain the status of “Registered Piano Technician”, or RPT. (Click here for more info.)
Do you play the piano, too?
I played keyboards professionally for 20 years before I started tuning pianos full time in the mid 90s. I have a Master’s Degree from Northern Illinois University.

If you have any other questions, please call me at 727.823.3731. I’d be happy to talk to you about any problems you might be having with your piano.